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Natural aid to birth

Laboraide is a mouthpiece designed as a natural aid to 
childbirth, helping to reduce the pain of your contractions 
and the duration of your labor. This simple device
acts as a cushion between the teeth and alleviates
tension in the jaw during childbirth.
A relaxed jaw is scientifically proven to be linked
with the the the ability of the uterus and pain
of contractions and reducing time of labor

Labor Testimonials

reduce time of labor
~Jenna Hunter
Loughton UK
Used Laboraide in the pushing stage and my baby was born within 45 mins, this was also my first baby so I've been told that 45 minutes is a very good time! I used the 3mm guard and I genuinely feel it helped me to push for that little bit longer and helped me focus and put all my energy into pushing my baby out. When the midwives asked me to "keep going, keep going", I just bit down onto the laboraide which helped relax my chin and was pushing for an extra 10 seconds or so! I will definitely...
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