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Reduce Pain of Labor

By placing Laboraide in the mother's mouth, it acts as a cushion that creates a gap between the upper and lower jaw. The gap keeps the respiratory system open, elevates the oxygen flow into the body, prevents the jaw, shoulder and back muscles from contracting and substantially
reduces the mother's stress level.

The level of Cortisol, which is
secreted at times of stress,
decreases whilst the level of Beta-endorphins,
the body's natural pain killer, increases.
This assists the mother deal in a better
manner with the pain.

Reduce risks in labor

During the second stage of child birth (the pushing stage), that begins once the cervix is dilated to 10 cm, the mother is required to push affectively in order to assist her baby on his or her way through the birth canal, without getting stuck along the way.

Affective pushes can assist in avoiding
a hazardous situation for both mother
and baby that can lead to surgical
interference such as a C-section,
or the use of a vacuum machine,
in order to get the baby
out of the birth canal safely.

Clinically Proven

A research conducted in 2014 at the Beilinson Hospital by Professor Yariv Yogev (Director of Obstetrics and Delivery Ward) examined hundreds of women.

Labor Testimonials

reduce time of labor
~Jenna Hunter
Loughton UK
Used Laboraide in the pushing stage and my baby was born within 45 mins, this was also my first baby so I've been told that 45 minutes is a very good time! I used the 3mm guard and I genuinely feel it helped me to push for that little bit longer and helped me focus and put all my energy into pushing my baby out. When the midwives asked me to "keep going, keep going", I just bit down onto the laboraide which helped relax my chin and was pushing for an extra 10 seconds or so! I will definitely...
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