Contraction Pain Relief
Judy Miders|
Contraction Pain ReliefWhen having a baby, there are two main types of pain that women will experience. The first is pressure, caused by the baby's body moving through the birth canal. The second will be contractions, which are the muscles in the abdomen and uterus contracting and flexing to push the baby out of the body. Learning to reduce contraction pain is important since it will help mothers get through their labour with a minimum amount of pain. There are several excellent options that can serve as contraction pain relief.
  • Muscle Relaxation Techniques – Learning to mentally coax the muscles in the uterus and abdomen to relax is one important option. It takes practice to learn how to do so, however. Another thing that surprises women is that relaxing the jaw and face muscles actually helps to relax the pelvic muscles, so learning to do this is a good idea as well. Relaxed muscles mean reduced pain.
  • Meditation – Calming your mind is just as important as calming your body. Learning basic meditative techniques could have a big impact on contraction pain.
  • Acupressure – There are specific points on the body that your partner can focus acupressure techniques on during a contraction. Used properly, acupressure during a contraction can reduce the duration and the intensity of that contraction.
  • Hypnosis – It surprises women to learn that basic hypnotic techniques could help reduce pain. It will take plenty of practice, but learning these techniques and using them during labour may place you in a state of tranquillity that will help reduce pain from contractions.
  • Water – Showers with massaging heads are great, and soaking in a warm tub is even better. The warm water will help relax muscles, and if there are jets in the tub to provide massage it will help even further.
  • Movement During Labour – Whether it's walking around during the early stages of labour or assuming different positions during delivery, moving during your labour could help reduce the pain felt during contractions.
  • Massage – Letting your partner give you a gentle massage may help provide relaxation for your muscles and help reduce the overall pain you feel as a result of contractions.
Each of these options is worth understanding when you're looking for contraction pain relief. And in most cases, combining several of them together is the best choice since it will create a kind of multi-stage pain relief for you that will help you get through your labour and delivery effectively. 

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