How To Prepare For Natural Childbirth
Judy Miders|
How to prepare for Natural ChildbirthChildbirth can be exciting and a little bit scary. Most women dread the thought of the pain that is linked to having a baby, and the simple fact is that there is really no way to totally avoid it. While epidurals have become incredibly common, there is a growing number of women who have decided that natural childbirth is a better option. But learning how to prepare for natural childbirth is something that you need to do if you want to have your child in this manner, and taking some simple steps will help.
When learning how to prepare for natural childbirth, the following tips and steps can help ensure that you are able to deliver your baby in the manner that you want. Here's what you need to remember.
•         Start By Learning And Remembering The Reasons Why – You may be tempted to forgo the natural route and go with an epidural, especially as contractions begin and the pain kicks in. But learning Click here to Learn Moreall of the risks associated with an epidural and the benefits of natural birth will help you stay strong and stick with your decision. Natural childbirth gives mothers a stronger sense of self-worth and helps them bond closer to their baby. Epidurals add extra risks to the birth process that aren't necessary. Remember why you're going natural.
•         Learn The Different Pain Relief Options – There are so many different methods of pain relief during labor that you'll have plenty to choose from. Learn the different options including things like muscle relaxation techniques, mental pain management, massage, acupressure, hypnosis, and changing positions. Since they're all natural pain relief options, you can combine several of them at once. It's worth learning as many as you can.
•         Take A Class – Taking a class can help prepare you for what's coming, teach you new pain management options, and generally help relieve concerns and fears. Whether it's a basic childbirth class or something more specific like Lamaze, taking a good birth related class is a very good idea.
•         Teach Your Partner – Your partner will be a big part of your delivery in most cases, so be sure that they can play a role and help you through it. Teach them acupressure or other ways that they can help so you are able to have maximum support from them during delivery.
•         Choose Your Care Provider Carefully – Whether you want to use a doctor or midwife, be sure that you choose someone you trust and who is supportive of your decisions. If you want to use a water birthing tub, for example, be sure that they are okay with that. If you would like to try to squat instead of just lying on the bed on your back, make sure they will work with you. It's your labor, not theirs. They should be willing to help you, not boss you around.
•         Consider A Doula – A doula is essentially a childbirth assistant. While not technically a medical professional, they are trained in helping mothers get through childbirth, make good decisions, and keep them comfortable throughout the process. They can provide massage or acupressure, help you focus on your breathing techniques, and more. Mothers who have used them report that they are incredibly satisfied with what they provide.
•         Pack And Plan – Know what you're going to do when your labor begins. Having a bag packed and ready to go will cut down on your stress levels when you go into labor, and having a clear plan in place will make it easy to go through the basic steps and get to the hospital or get your midwife to your home quickly.
•         Exercise And Eat Healthy – It surprises a lot of women to learn that staying healthy during their pregnancy will translate to an easier labor. Studies have found that women who exercise, eat right, and maintain a good, fit lifestyle have shorter labors than those who are out of shape and eat a poor diet. It also helps you and your baby stay healthy and reduces numerous risks. Just staying health during your pregnancy is one of the best ways to prepare for natural childbirth.
•         Relax – Staying calm can help, too. This goes not only for your actually delivery, but throughout your pregnancy. Once you do go into labor, staying calm can help keep you focused on the different methods you're using to manage pain. It takes a bit of effort, but keeping yourself as calm as possible is important.
Preparing for natural childbirth is important, since being prepared will help you have the right kind of experience when that big day arrives. But if you're unsure of just how to go about it, keep the above points in mind. You should be able to quickly and easily prepare yourself for the process and be able to welcome your baby into the world with relative ease – and without the use of drugs.

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