The Basics Of Natural Childbirth
Judy Miders|
Natural childbirthHaving a baby is something that comes with a lot of anxiety, excitement, and even a bit of confusion. It also comes with a considerable amount of choice, so much so that it can actually surprise many women. The fact is that from where you have your baby to how you manage your pain, you've got a lot of decisions to make. That's why spending some time learning the basics of all the different options is important. Natural childbirth is one choice you may find yourself having to make, and knowing the basics about it is obviously important.
Natural childbirth actually means different things to different people. In most definitions it refers to childbirth that involves no medical assistance or intervention whatsoever. To have a totally natural childbirth, mothers won't use even a fetal heartbeat monitor during delivery or a blood pressure cuff to keep track of her won vital signs.
In other definitions, natural childbirth could mean simply not using any pain relieving medication like epidurals, as well as not having any procedures done to speed up or start labor. Things like using drugs to start contractions, manually breaking a mother's water, or a C-section are all obvious things that will mean a natural childbirth hasn't occurred. The exact definition largely depends upon just how strict one is with the terminology.
The reasons to have natural childbirth vary, but include a few key things.
•         Natural birth generally helps a mother feel closer to her baby, bond better with it, and feel as though she's more capable as a mom. It adds an extra layer of emotion to the delivery that helps mothers get more from the experience.
•         It can be safer, too. Things like epidurals or other medical interventions can actually cause labor complications to occur. As a result, going natural could lead to a much safer labor and delivery experience.
•         It's less expensive. The cost of things like epidurals or even a manual water breaking procedure could add thousands to your hospital bills. Natural childbirth costs much less.
There's another aspect of natural birth that you may decide is right for you, too. Home birth is an extension of the natural childbirth principle that could be a good call for some moms. Home birth is just what it sounds like, and involves having a baby in the comfort of your own home. This aspect of natural birth has some very real advantages including:
•         Relaxed, less stressful birth experience
•         Ability to have your baby your way without feeling like you're 'bossed around' by the doctor.
•         Less chance of requiring serious medical intervention
•         Even further enhancement of the bonding experience between mom and baby
It's worth noting that not every mother should use home birth due to some added obvious risks. First time moms, those who have required a C-section before, or those who have various risks associated with their delivery should all consider having their baby in a medical environment.
However, that doesn't' meant that natural childbirth is a bad option. Instead, natural birth could reduce the various risk factors that may be at play in these situations. Its ability to reduce the chances of complications and the added layer of personal bonding make it an excellent choice for nearly any mother.
You will want to learn some of the best ways to manage pain during natural birth, of course. Since you're avoiding an epidural you'll be responsible for determining the right methods of pain reduction for your labor and delivery. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent choices. These include:
•         Water Birth
•         Hypnosis
•         Massage
•         Acupressure
•         Lamaze
•         Muscle Relaxation Tools
•         Meditation
•         Changing Positions During Labor
Each of these and more are all worth thinking about, and by starting to plan out your delivery early you should have no trouble determining exactly which options are the best ones for you and your baby. The key is to choose several and build a kind of birth plan that uses many different methods. You could use Lamaze and acupressure while in the birthing tub, for instance, or combine muscle relaxation tools with different positions on the bed. You have more options than you probably realize, and choosing the best ones is just a matter of investigating all of your choices.
It's important that you take the time to make the right call, no matter what. If you decide that natural childbirth is right for you, you'll be able to plan out the right steps to simplify your birth experience and minimize pain. If you choose to let modern medicine help you, that's a valid option as well and doesn't make you any less of a mother. The main thing is getting your baby here and making sure that you're both healthy. Everything else is just a matter of your own personal opinions and beliefs. 
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