Giving Birth Without An Epidural
Judy Miders|
Giving Birth Without An EpiduralWhile the majority of women today still choose to give birth with the aid of an epidural, giving birth without an epidural also has its own advantages. An epidural, like any type of pain medication, has its own side effects and risks associated with its implementation, and many women today are choosing to forego this tried and trusted method of pain relief for those that are more natural and come with none of the side effects associated such medications. These natural labor pain relief methods have proven to be very beneficial, and giving birth without an epidural is no longer the intimidating venture it once was.
While epidurals are normally very safe, they do not come without their own side effects. Many women report feeling dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, or a sense of being “out of it” after receiving an epidural, and in some rarer cases more serious side effects such as shortness of breath, lowered heart rate, or even allergic reactions, such as anaphylactic shock, may occur. These side effects can take away from the entire birth experience, and cause a woman to feel numbness that makes it more difficult to push in the later stages of her labor. For these reasons, many women have been deciding to opt out of an epidural in favor of natural pain relief methods instead, as these methods will allow them to ease their pain while still feeling the full experience of birth, and with no risk of dangerous or uncomfortable side effects.
Giving birth without an epidural will mean that a woman will need to learn new techniques and methods in managing labor pain. Labor pain is a major cause of labor related anxiety, and many women will feel stress over the anticipation of labor pain particularly without the aid of an epidural. It is important for any expectant mother to curb these anxieties as quickly as possible, as the presence of excess anxiety can cause a woman’s labor to become longer and more painful. When a woman is relaxed and calm, her body will produce hormones to naturally help to speed up labor and lessen the pain, but this hormone production is halted when she is under excessive amounts of stress. Learning effective natural pain relief methods will not only help to ease the pain of labor when the time comes, but they will also help to ease the woman’s mind and ensure her that she will be able to remain calm and comfortable throughout her labor and delivery.
One tried and tested technique that allows a woman to both relax and experience the ease of pain is the simple use of warm water. A laboring woman can rest in a tub or pool of water while experiencing labor pain, and the water will sooth her muscles and help to relieve any tensions she may be feeling throughout the course of the process. Warm water has been long known to have positive effects on tense and overworked muscle systems, and this just so happens to be the cause of the majority of labor pain. By resting in a pool of warm water, a woman can give her muscles a much needed rest during the course of labor, and help her to be more comfortable and energized for the later stages of the process.
Another simple pain management technique that has proven to be beneficial in giving birth without an epidural is distraction. Distraction techniques allow a woman to place her focus on something different and allow her mind a rest from any pain she may be experiencing. These techniques are a bit more difficult to master, however, as they require some finesse and practice. A woman should begin practicing her distraction techniques early on in her pregnancy to ensure that she will be able to implement them under the stress of labor.
When it comes to giving birth without an epidural, the fear that many women feel at the thought of handling their labor pains naturally can be easily curbed with the knowledge of a few natural pain relief techniques. These methods of pain relief have been growing exponentially in popularity in recent years due to their effectiveness and lack of side effects, and many women find that these methods are just as beneficial to their labor experiences in different ways. When giving birth without an epidural, a woman is able to experience her labor and delivery in a way that is completely natural and organic, this is a feeling that she may be unable to achieve while under the influence of an epidural.  Natural pain relief methods are safe for both the mother and child, and these methods can vary just as greatly as each individual birth experience, allowing every woman the opportunity to find the method that is right for her and for her labor and delivery experience. 

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