Reduces Pain

One of the greatest fears women have before giving birth is dealing with the ongoing pain that is an inseparable part of childbirth. The stress level, once the labor begins, elevates and she may experience fear, stress and anxiety.  These emotions may cause a dramatic elevation of adrenaline secretion, muscle contraction of the jaw, shoulders and back, and the prevention of a free flow of oxygen into the body. This stressful state causes the mother to be in a state of high vigilance, at a time she should be as calm as possible.

Laboraide and pain relief
By placing Laboraide in the mother's mouth, it acts as a cushion that creates a gap between the upper and lower jaw. The gap keeps the respiratory system open, elevates the oxygen flow into the body, prevents the jaw, shoulder and back muscles from contracting and substantially reduces the mother's stress level. The level of Cortisol, which is secreted at times of stress, decreases whilst the level of Beta-endorphins, the body's natural pain killer, increases. This assists the mother deal in a better manner with the pain. 
An extensive medical research was conducted in 2014 by Professor Yogev, head of the labor ward at Beilinson hospital (a top-ranking academic hospital in Israel).  Most of the women who participated said they would recommend Laboraide to their peers and would defiantly use it again the next time they find themselves in the delivery room. 
“At some point the Laboraide was out of my mouth and the pain became so unbearable, my husband pop it back into my mouth and I felt instant relief”. – Rachel Rurka- London 2013