Medivie Profile

Medivie Therapeutic (Medivie), established in 2012. Run by Joshua Rurka at Capital International, a company specializing in establishing  and distributing new products in international markets end co-founded by Dr. Anthony Lovat, the original founder of OPRO 
OPRO is a British company founded 18 years ago, and is now the world's leading manufacturer of dental protectors. It produces both mass produced and custom made products for use in sports.
OPRO is an innovative company which consistently strives to develop new technologies in the dental field. The group has several international patents in its field and is in the process of registering further patents, of which one has been licensed exclusively to OPRO Mother & Baby.
Medivie first product is "Laboraide" which is a labor accessory designed to help reduce STRESS during childbirth by helping in two ways:
1.    Pain Reduction - (Braxton Hicks, Uterus contractions and Breast feeding)         
2.    Shortening the duration of labor - short second stage of labor (pushing stage)
Medivie has distribution agreements to market Laboraide in 18 countries, and the company continues to expand its marketing and distribution operation online and offline.