About Laboraide

Laboraide is an innovative oral device that reduces the risk of surgical intervention in childbirth.

During the second stage of childbirth (the pushing stage), that begins once the cervix is dilated 10 cm, the mother is required to push effectively to assist her baby on his or her way through the birth canal.

At the same time, due to the emotional stress, she is in, the jaw, shoulder and back muscles may contract, preventing the free flow of oxygen into the body. Most of the mothers' energy is directed to these muscles, instead of to the core muscles (stomach muscles).
This results in less effective pushing, prolonging the duration of the childbirth and increasing the risk of surgical interference such as C-section or vacuum. 

By placing Laboraide in the mother's mouth, it acts as a cushion that creates a gap between the upper and lower jaw. Lowering the stress around the jaw, shoulders and back, keeping the airway open and allowing a free flow of oxygen into the body, The oxygen level in the body increases, causing the isometric core muscles (stomach muscles) to strengthen, which allows the mother to focus on more efficient pushing during the second stage of Labor.

This can help reduce the chance of needing surgical intervention, allowing the baby to exit the birth canal safely.

Laboraide is made of completely natural materials and is odorless and tasteless. It comes in 2 different sizes to allow maximum compatibility, without interfering with breathing or the ability to talk. 

Laboraide – Scientific validation
The effectivity of Laboraide has been proven during a clinical trial that was conducted in 2014 at Beilinson Hospital in Israel, by Professor Yariv Yogev, the head of the obstetrics department. 
The trial was aimed at observing the benefits of using Laboraide during the second stage of labor.
The results of the trial concluded that using Laboraide during the second stage of labor allowed more efficient and focused pushing, reducing the need for surgical intervention such a C-section or the use of a vacuum machine. (Read More).